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Kasumi vs. Taki (To love a ninja?)

This is a comedic look into the worlds of SoulCalibur and Dead or Alive and what having a relationship with some of the characters might actually look like. It’s facetious and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I hope you enjoy it!

Sorry the formatting isn’t spectacular but it looks much better on here compared to facebook!

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Academy (Pilot) - Chapter 3

Academy (Pilot) - Chapter 3

Gearing Up

Chapter 3 is now up. It’s going to be quite a while until I can get chapter 4 up so hopefully you will enjoy this enough that it will buy me some patience.

In the mean time, here’s some pictures the Stryker IAV mentioned in chapter 3 so often. (Right-click and save the images in order to see them in full.)

Stryker Dismount 
Saying “Stryker, no striking!” Thee times will not stop this vehicle.

A Stryker crew in training. Note the orange tip on the M-240B machinegun.

Crew in Training 

Final image of a Styker over rough terrain.

Rough Terrain Stryker

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Academy (Pilot) - Chapter 1

Click the link above to read.

I have published the first version of Chapter 1 online.

Good Job

Be sure to comment and tell me what you think. There is much more to come, I promise.

Here’s an image from the US Army Training manual that should help explain what a Black Hawk helicopter with ESSS system and extended fuel tanks looks like. (If you right click and save the image you’ll get the whole picture.)


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Public Relations: Press Release (Fictional - Comedy)

April 27, 2011

I had to do quite a few of these for my Public Relations class so I figured I’d share one of my favorites with you. For those
unfamiliar with how press releases work, they are basically articles written and submitted on behalf of a person or organization to make journalist’s jobs easier. They’re not “dishonest,” But they are designed to promote a certain agenda or get a certain message out there. Such as responses to criticism, announcements about new products and or services, updates about a crisis or lawsuits. (Expect to be seeing quite a few of these from Sony soon.) Read this and I’m sure you’ll get the gist.

Timothy Morris
Fictional press release on behalf of the BMD Refreshment Company
Written April 2011

BMD Refreshment Company responded today to accusations that their latest specialty beverage to hit store shelves was “unsafe.” As of Wednesday, Wal-Marts across the country pulled canned version of BMD’s “High-Explosive” and “Super-Magnum” off of store shelves.

When asked about the pull, Beverages of Mass Destruction’s Senior Vice President of Consumer Safety, Jerry Kutler had this to say, “They did what?! Seriously? All of our drinks are perfectly safe when used properly and standing at the distance recommended on the can label. This shouldn’t be an issue.”

When pressed on the matter, Kutler continued, “Just because the can explodes a short time after opening doesn’t mean it’s necessarily dangerous to the consumer. I mean, come on, we give the drinker around 8 seconds, give or take 3 or 4, to open, guzzle and throw. It’s the perfect energy dirk. What’s the point of an ‘extreme’ beverage if you don’t have to drink it fast? It’s a refreshment everyone can appreciate! The right balance of awesome, flavor and dan—eh-uh… adventure. What’s not to like?”

He continued to state that BMD plans to make a full recovery this quarter and make up, or even double, the lost sales through their recently negotiated deal with 7/11 convenience stores. 7/11 has agreed to carry all versions of BMD’s extreme beverage products including an exclusive flavor entitled “Uranium 236” also known as “Fat Man.”

Finally when asked about pending legislation in the Washington state senate to ban the sale of multiple BMD products within that state, Kutler finished with this to say, “Yeah, but it’s Washington. They’re practically part of Canada anyway…”

- End -

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The Weighted Companion Cube.